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Kareena to go slim while Imran to go starring with her

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Kareena Kapoor has announced that she is going to get slimmer again. A few years back, her zero size got high appreciation among stylish and fashion lover girls but great criticism from the physicians. Because of the zero size, the test body has to maintain strict control of diet and hence got to sacrifice several nutritious food ingredients which may lead to future health disaster. However, now this time she is less extreme in this case and ensured that she is not going to do something extremely

to lose her weight.But she must reduce her weight for her upcoming movie to co-star with another growing legend Imran Khan. Although Kareena is a great actress and superb performer, however she is awesome in performing item songs too! Last year in 2012, he performed in the item song Fevicol se at Dabangg 2.Despite her performance was just excellent, however she was slightly ‘unfit’ because of her natural weight and such performers require less weight and slimmer figure, according to few movie critics.Now, Kareena herself realizes so and is planning to reduce her weight at a significant level. According to her, she is going to get a more toned body now she has. Everything about this plan is heading to her next movie with Bollywood’s rising star Imran Khan. Directed by Punit Malhotra, the new movie is going to have several item songs and these require hers stylish look. Kareena says, she will be what now she is, but the appearance will be just different. So, who are her fans because not only of her performance rather beauty, don’t need to worry.There are five songs in the upcoming movie and these require several dancing scenes. One is marked directly as item song and one other is a wedding song. The wedding song is the scenario where Imran and Kareena met. Punit specially focuses on her weight losing and mentioned her current vacation period after recent wedding with Saif Ali Khan. She recently went to Switzerland along with her newly married husband Saif Ali Khan for after wedding travel. So, Punit thinks that she got little more extra fat on her body which led to extra weight.Kareena has already started working to lose weight and get the new stylish look. She says that she is practicing yoga. Although the power yoga is what she used to do but she thinks that this is not enough for this assignment. So, she is practicing lyengar yoga. According to her experience, this is much tougher comparing to the one she used to practice. She is practicing every day and already has completed two of the sessions. She says that she feels better with that and hence viewers are surely going to see a new Kareena!

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