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Super sassy Soha caught in a bikini !

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Sharmila Tagore created a furore when she stepped out in a bikini in the '60s, daughter Soha follows suit...

Her mother, veteran actress Sharmila Tagore, created a sensation when she donned a bikini for a magazine's photo shoot in the '60s. Considered a trendsetter in her days, she wore a blue swimsuit in her film, An Evening In Paris, in 1967. Apparently she had no qualms about wearing a two-piece for the film, but was told to settle for a one-piece instead.

Four decades later her actress daughter Soha follows in her footsteps, by featuring in a bikini for her upcoming film, Mr Joe B Carvalho.

This is the first time that Soha has stepped out in a bikini in her nine-year-old film career. The actress told director Samir Tiwari that she would wear a two-piece from her personal collection and zeroed down on a blue bikini -- blue being her favourite hue -- the colour of royalty.

Says Soha, `I haven't been in a swimming pool in any of my films, so the need to wear a swimwear did not arise earlier. For this one, I was given the choice between a swimsuit and a bikini and I chose the latter. It is part of my personal wardrobe.`

She adds, `I love water and I swim a lot, so I was not uncomfortable during the shoot. As it was a first for me, I was a bit nervous about the aesthetics of it and was insistent it should not be crass or crude, but look effortless and natural and that's what we have got.`

Interestingly, the actress did not put in any extra effort to tone up her body for the shot.

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